Sweet Love O’ Mine

Well, with the sun scorching outside and with no intention to doze off in this sultry afternoon, a persistent thought about my love and how she has conquered me from a long time kept coming to my mind. So, that made me write this blog!

Have you ever wondered how love grows? How it develops? Well, many say that there is no reason or you don’t know how it spurs in you. Here, I’ll describe how my love conquered me.

When I was in 4th~5th grade or so, for the very first time in my life, there were three of these in the second floor of our school with dull ivory color and having a CRT display with no GUI and a mouse. Thats when we were taught BASIC where we had to give the incremental line numbers on our own and make the program spit out some characters on the display. Writing a program that computed square root of a number itself was a big achievement. Another tool which we were taught was Logo where in we had to move the turtle and draw figures. This was very amusing and as others were struggling with lines and angles I was able to fill up the screen with nice figures as like a flower (arcs displaced in with a constant offset in angle), a man (one circle for the head, one oval for the body and sticks for the limbs). Personally, I also took interest in learning Wordstar55 and also read a book of MS-DOS commands with the helper book. I was also able to make small batch files for copying, renaming and deleting files.

Then a change of place. As I was not able to come to my dad’s office, with no computer to play with, had to take a break for some time. Then my new school taught computers but very basics and I did not get the opportunity to use a computer in my spare time. None of my friends had one ! I also learnt vedic mathematics using a helper book and did a 10 digit X 10 digit multiplication. I still remember that my school correspondent asked one of my friends to verify the answer with a “computer”. Barring some 3 digits in the answer, all others were right, to my surprise.

With the pause (a long pause indeed), we bought a computer when I was in 12th grade. I lived in hostel and could not use the computer at home.After my 12th grade, we shifted back to my old place. In the vacation before I joined my Engineering, I went to a C/C++ class in and started to get in love with the computer again. This time I developed a console application to display the calendar of a particular month or highlight the date in the calendar if a date is given as input. Then I also made a C application to compute the amount of interest for my dad. Later I taught him formulae in MS Excel (C was not a prerequisite for MS Excel).

Then came my college days. When I thought I know at least a bit of C/C++, my peers were kings at it. I hardly had a terminal to work on. Still, whenever I came home, I used my computer to write some short programs and learn. In my college days, we made embedded applications in C and loaded the compiled HEX code into the 8051 microcontroller and started to become interested in them. The first major application I did was to sense the presence of an obstruction at different places using RF transmitter. The main principle of detection was with Frequency Division Multiplexing. The second application was with a Passive IR sensor to detect the presence of the human being in a large hall and to switch on/off the appliances in that particular segment of the hall. The third application was to develop a USB device to control a simulated Aircraft. This was the first attempt with an ARM architecture based microcontroller. That was a pretty interesting project as it involved interfacing through the USB protocol to any computer. THen the fourth one was small again and it involved displaying the temperature of the inside contents in the cooler we made on a 16 x 2 line LCD display. That was also pretty awesome. The final application in my college was to write a high pass filter with Z-transforms and implement in the microcontoller. That helped my friend partly to get rid of the crude bread board and also to get rid of the need to search for high tolerance capacitors.

Despite the interest in programming, I got a job which involves no programming whatsoever and now think how I satisfy my love? Moonlighting!!!

Now, after I got a terminal on my own, I burn my nights’ oil in it. The things I experimented include learning python, C++ STL, writing a thrift server client program to name a few. I also helped my friend develop a small twitter application.

Despite all the odds, I had/have/will have some or other opportunity to write “PROGRAMS”. I think it is a soulful relationship. It is a never ending journey and my love somehow chases me again and again catching up with me. Thats my love.

So, What’s yours?


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